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Patient Feedback

100% of our patients said they would recommend us to their friends and

family (for the forth consecutive year)

We achieved an overall patient experience score of 97%

98% of our patients rated us as either excellent or very good

Overall quality of service from our consultants scored 98%

Source: Patient satisfaction scores 2019

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

We encourage our patients to complete feedback to help us understand if they are happy with the care they receive and help us make improvements to or service.

Follow the link to view or print a copy of our Patient Satisfaction Survey.

You can also view the survey  2015, 20162017, 2018 or see the results for our last quarter.


Patient Testimonials

” I was very impressed by the efficiency and courtesy of every member of staff”.

“I was extremely nervous about my cataract operation.  I found all the staff extremely           reassuring and supportive.    – I could not have received better treatment.   I am thrilled with the result”.

” Everyone was reassuring and the service extremely efficient”.

“Friendly, concise, straightforward”.

“Professional attitude from initial consultation, through the operation and afterwards.  Excellent”.

“Friendly staff to put you at ease”.

Source: All comments taken from anonymised patient satisfaction surveys.

A Poem

One patient liked us so much they wrote this poem about us.


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“What you lose in blindness is the space around you, the place where you are, and without that you might not exist.  You could be nowhere at all.”   Barbara Kingsolver


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