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Graham Beaver

Graham is the registered manager of Panacea Medical Centre and has an extensive range of responsibilities, including staffing, business development, the patient journey, marketing, facilities, operational control and overall accountability for governance.

He joined Panacea whilst the building was undergoing its dramatic renovation and oversaw the preparations of Panacea Medical Centre for our launch. This included equipping the premises, writing policies, preparing staff and getting everything in place for regulatory approval by the Clinical Quality Commission (CQC).

Prior to joining Panacea he held other management roles in private healthcare and finance. These different roles have equipped him with a comprehensive variety of skills, knowledge and experience, “ but the best part of my job is meeting the patients. It is amazing working for an organisation that contributes to people’s wellbeing and receiving feedback from patients after they’ve undergone treatment gives me tremendous job satisfaction”.

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“If  can see pain in you eyes then share your tears with me.        If I can see joy in your eyes then share your smile with me.”        Santosh Kalwar